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Personal Training should be exactly that…Personal

You tell us what you want to achieve and we will get to work, designing programmes and exercises that will help you realise those goals.

We are a mobile service, so in the comfort of your own home, workplace, local park or wherever you would like to train, we come to you with all the equipment needed for your session.  We work one to one or in small groups to ensure sessions are tailored to meet your personal goals.

Personal training with Evolution Health & Fitness integrates various disciplines and methods to keep your body challenged at all times. We use a range of equipment including swiss balls, bosus, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, power bags and suspension trainers - a range to challenge anybody from the complete beginner to the professional athlete.


Evolution personal training can help you with:

  • Weight loss and toning

  • Building overall body strength

  • Increasing flexibility and improving balance 

  • Achieving a sport-specific goal 

  • Improving cardiovascular endurance and stamina

  • Improving core strength

  • Making you feel healthier and improving your general well-being

The first step is to book a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. In this meeting we discuss goals, previous experience (if any) and injuries or circumstances that may affect the type of exercises you’re given. During the first session we assess the level at which you are working. In the following sessions the exercise intensity is gradually progressed to overload the muscle groups we are targeting, which in turn, achieves results. Your fitness levels are continuously monitored so that you can see the improvements you’re making. As well as working with you during your session, we offer exercises to do on your own and dietary guidelines which will help you develop an overall healthy lifestyle.

Whatever your goal, we have the knowledge and the tools and will work passionately to help you realise your potential.