Yeah! You’ve Made It

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Making a 6 week commitment to increasing your activity levels and cleaning up your diet is no easy feat. Good habits take a long time to form and bad habits take equally long to break. Sure, when you made the decision to purchase this Online Programme it seemed a great idea… you were motivated and ready to make a change. Then the app arrives on your phone and things are getting real. The first couple of weeks were tough - it takes time getting used to coming home from work, getting your gym gear on and exercising in the lounge. It’s also difficult getting to grips with recording EVERYTHING you eat and drink. However motivation levels are high and you’re getting great results.

Then it happens, a few weeks in and you’re tired from work and exercising more than you would normally. You’re fed up with scanning bar codes into MyFitnessPal and if you get another motivational message from ‘Andy’ you’ll scream. It was at this point you had a decision to make. Give up and fall back into your normal habits, or grit your teeth and push on through those difficult moments. This takes an awful amount of courage and determination but you’ve proved it’s possible. Of course nobody ever gets through 6 weeks without a hitch. There are injuries, illnesses, sick children and work commitments but as we’ve said from the start ‘perfect’ is impossible. ‘Better’ is the goal that we’re striving for.

We have seen some incredible results over the last 6 weeks. The last ‘weigh-in’, ‘re-measuring’ & ‘re-testing’ sessions take place tomorrow. 

If you struggled to complete the programme, please don’t be put off. Just because the timing wasn’t right this time, you can still achieve your goals.

So what next? We mentioned in our message on Wednesday that the most important thing is to look after your health and fitness any way which keeps you motivated. We have put together the following online ‘Access’ & ‘PT’ Training Plans for anybody who has enjoyed their online experience and would like to continue their workouts. As you have taken part in the online programme we would like to offer you special discounted rates:


Pricing table for Tiered PT.png

If you would like to sign up for any of the above online programmes or you would like to discuss them further, please drop me an email at

As the 6 week journey is now complete, access to the workouts within the Plan will cease on Monday.  If you choose to sign up for another online plan, you will retain access as outlined in your chosen option above.  If you are not ready to sign up straight away, it’s not a problem, we will archive your details so you can return at a later date.

We would love to give you a call to close the programme, but understand you may not have the time or feel this is necessary. If you feel you would benefit from a 5 minute chat please drop us a message and let us know what day is convenient.

On behalf of Karen & myself, I would like to thank everyone for their commitment and the complimentary feedback you’ve given along the way. Here’s to going for your next goal!

Andy Letham