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Your body is evolving every day, whether you like it or not. The way in which it evolves is entirely up to you.


Evolution Health & Fitness is a friendly, all inclusive, mobile service offering Personal Training, Boot Camp and Pilates.  You can choose one activity or combine them. We work together to offer a holistic service, building you a truly personal programme.

Exercise is often considered a choice. In reality, exercise is a necessity - our bodies were built to move. Fitness and exercise can be daunting but don’t let that put you off.  

We go out of our way to create a non-intimidating environment and encourage you to progress at your own pace.  

If you already lead an active lifestyle and have specific fitness goals, we can work with you to enhance your current regime and challenge your body in new ways.  Plus we offer regular fitness testing so you can monitor your progress. Small changes are all it takes.  



Meet the trainers


Andy Letham (BSc Hons)

Personal Trainer (REPs accredited)

I came into the fitness industry in 2002 and have worked as a Personal Trainer for some of the UK’s biggest Health Clubs in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, including Holmes Place and Virgin Active. In 2005 I went freelance and started Evolution Health & Fitness. More than 10 years on and I still train some of my original clients!

I am a friendly, organised, hardworking trainer. My objective is to help people achieve their fitness aspirations. I am not a drill sergeant that will shout and scream, my clients and I are a team who need to find the best way of working together to achieve results.


Karen Letham (BSc Hons)

Pilates Teacher (REPs accredited)

I decided to train as a Pilates teacher in 2011 and chose the Body Control Pilates method because of the depth of training offered alongside the combination of anatomical learning and on-the-job supervised teaching. I loved every minute.

My objective is to run friendly, all-inclusive classes and one-to-one sessions within the Bucks and Berks area. I aim to provide real progression to each individual. I am approachable, and will listen to my client’s needs and requirements to ensure they are comfortable with each of the exercises whilst continually challenged.